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ML350 G5 Power issue.

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ML350 G5 Power issue.



I have a ML350 G5, yesterday the power went out and the ups apears to have done its job correctly, However on trying to power up there is no output. 


It seems unlikley 2 supplies would blow. 


there are NO power lights on at all, I dont want to buy parts I dont need as we are a very small business but need the server ASAP


Is there any way of testing the power supplies ?

Is there any way of pluging a traditional power supply in to test the board etc.


If anybody has any diagnostic experience on this issue I would apperciate a steer. 


Kind regards




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Re: ML350 G5 Power issue.

First check that the system actually receives power: some UPSs and PDUs have output fuses or circuit breakers that may need replacing/resetting.


If the system is under warranty or has a valid CarePack or other support agreement, open a hardware service call with HP and let them deal with the diagnostics. If you have paid for support, this is where you get the value for that money.


I guess you don't have another working ML350 G5 that you could swap parts with to verify that the power supplies are OK. That makes it harder to troubleshoot on your own, as the connector specifications for hot-plug PSUs are not published by HP.


A fault in the power supply backplane is fairly unlikely, but it might cause the symptoms you're seeing.


A generic Proliant Troubleshooting Guide is available here:

It includes troubleshooting flowcharts for basic troubleshooting, and refers to model-specific Maintenance and Service Guide when appropriate.


A Maintenance and Service Guide for ML350 G5 can be found in the usual way: -> Product Support & Troubleshooting -> type in "ML350 G5" and select the exact model from the list that appears -> select Manuals from the left sidebar -> find "HP Proiant ML350 Generation 5 Server Maintenance and Service Guide" in the list of manuals.