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ML350 G5 Server

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ML350 G5 Server

Hi, I am running a brand new ML350 G5 server. The problem I am experiencing is the server hangs between 2am and 5am some mornings. Note this does not happen all the time which makes it very strange. There are no errors in the log files. I have updated the server to the latest firmware and drivers but still the server hangs.

If someone has experienced the same sort of issues please can you let me know what the problem was.

Strangely I have another two ML350 G5's that are running like a dream

Re: ML350 G5 Server


Kindly state the hardware specs, OS version and also application that you are running on this server. It could be the server uitilization that cause your server to hang.
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Re: ML350 G5 Server


this update is highly recommended

I've seen a lot of ml350 g5 freezing - hanging..

by the way which System BIOS version server has?
and which controller and firmware for that controller?

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