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ML350 G5 Unable to Boot running Server 2003

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ML350 G5 Unable to Boot running Server 2003

History of problem:


Initial issue is Server wouldn't boot.  Noted Smart Array e200i (v1.80) Controller errors:  1794 (Battery charge low), 1729 (Disk Performance Optimization Scan), and 1720 (HDD Imminent failure).


Steps take to resolution thus far:


1.  Replaced Smart Array Battery and after 48 hours, errors 1794 and 1929 no longer occur.  However, 1720 does still appear.


2.  Tried removing failing HDD, but same error occurs when Windows does attempt to load:  LSASS.exe - System Error.  Security Accounts Manager initialization failed because of the following error:  Directory Service cannot start.  Error Status:  0xc00002e1.  Please click .... system further.


3.  Attempted Repair install using Server 2003 Disc 1, but during the repair install, the same error as in #2 above appears.


4.  Two or three times, errors for *** Hardware malfunction, Call yoru hardware vendor for support, NMI: Parity Check / Memory Parity Error, *** The system has halted ***  occurred.  However, the past couple of restarts, this error has not occurred.  I'm assuming, at first thought, this is due to impending HDD failure.


Notes:  I noticed a hotfix for the error/issue in #2 above but it requires me to be able to boto into Windows to apply it.


Any help is greatly appreciated.