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ML350 G5 - Warranty expired - Post Warranty


ML350 G5 - Warranty expired - Post Warranty



I have a ML350 G5 Server that was bought in Austria, no the Warranty is expired and we have a problem...

I got the information that I can buy a Post Warranty (UM403PE) to get the server repaired.


Now my question:

The Server is nowlocated in Sweden (subsidiary), not in Austria (headquarter).

Does it work with the Post Warranty Care PAck in this case?

Or do in need to ship the Server to austria and back after repair?


Has anyone knowledge about how HP does handle this?

Maybe someone had a similar problem in the past...






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Re: ML350 G5 - Warranty expired - Post Warranty

AFAIK you need to repair the server first (payed), then you can extend your contracts once they are expired. Ask HP support.

Hope this helps!

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Re: ML350 G5 - Warranty expired - Post Warranty

As mentioned you will need to get the server repaired first before being able to get a Care Pack on it once the Warranty has expired (for more than 90 days if not mistaken).

Once you get the Care Pack be sure to register it in the country the server will be located.
If not, technically you would not be entitled to anything other than the (expired) Warranty.
Warranty is Global, while Care Packs are set to a certain country.
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