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ML350 G5: blank screen display

Abdullah Alshayea
Occasional Visitor

ML350 G5: blank screen display


Today, when i switch the screen monitor on which is connected to the onboard Integrated video card (ATI ES1000), it is blank screen. I tried to reboot the server, the screen flashed once when the server started then continue black screen, there is no bios screen or booting screen showing on the display monitor. But i think the server is booting fine.

I checked the LEDs on the motherboard and found there is one LED ON located on the motherboard between the VGA port and the Serial port (closer to the VGA port) not sure what this led indicate and having hard time find this led in the manual.

I'm not familiar with Integrated Lights-Out 2, but when i connect to it and try to view the console screen (integrated remote console) it's just black screen. The UID blue LED was blanking because i'm tring to remote manage the server.

I think the server is booting fine but i can't see the screen.

How can i troubleshoot the VGA problem. And incase a VGA hardware failure can i view the screen display remotely via Integrated Lights-Out 2? or it won't work because of the VGA failure? Is there VGA troubleshooting guide that i can follow?

The server is running Ubuntu 7.10.

Abdullah Alshayea
Occasional Visitor

Re: ML350 G5: blank screen display

Honored Contributor

Re: ML350 G5: blank screen display

Hi Abdullah,

It may be a problem with the onboard video, but that would typically generate an amber internal health LED.

Consult this manual, page 78 for a map of the system board LEDs:

You can confirm it is a video problem if you are able to VNC or use another program to get to the console of the server.

good luck