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ML350 G5 - cabling config on SAS

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ML350 G5 - cabling config on SAS

On a ML350G5 with 8 x SFF - there are two cables driving bays 1-4 and 5-8.

I can't seem to find the setup for a ML350G5 with a 6 x LFF - as I would prefer not to shutdown a running server - just to check the cabling matrix.

We are planning on adding a P400/512 and running both the internal and the P400 controller - which works a treat on a SFF and the server flies along, so want to do similar on a LFF.


Re: ML350 G5 - cabling config on SAS

Basically is the same cabling configuration. You also need to connect the 2 cables but you need to change the HDD cage.
They are diferent but they keep the same cabling configuration. 2 ports 2 cables.
Check the Picture..