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ML350 G5 changing boot sequence

Andras Simko
Occasional Contributor

ML350 G5 changing boot sequence


I have the following problem:
There is a ML350G5 server with integrated SA E200i controller and BBWC expansion.
There are 3*146 GB 15k rpm SAS drives installed.
They are in an logical drive 1, array A in RAID 5.
This setup was the original, running a Win2003R2 std server.
The OS was seriously broken, and I have to mine some data from the filesystem on Array A.

I thought, I could install an another OS on an another array.
I have added 2*74GB 15k rpm SAS drives, they are now the logical drive 2, Array B in RAID 1+0.
I am not able (dont know how to) to choose Array B for OS installation in SmartStart server deployment...

How could be the boot sequence changed between arrays? I tried SmartStart, ORCA and RBSU, but it couldn't be adjusted anywhere.

I have tried to install an IDE hdd, but the controller order also couldn't be adjusted in RBSU...

Any ideas?
Best regards
Honored Contributor

Re: ML350 G5 changing boot sequence

Hi Andrew,

I would attempt to boot this system using a WinPE environment disk, for instance a Bart's Boot CD. If you have included the necessary array controller drivers you will be able to see all logical disks and move data via the WinPE environment.

If you can boot the first Windows installation to Safe Mode then you can edit the startup settings (boot.ini file) to look for the second Windows installation by default.

I don't know of a way to tell the ACU that you want to boot off the second logical drive, but if you have two array controllers in your system you can certainly tell the RBSU to choose one or the other for booting.

hth, good luck