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ML350 G5 cpu upgrades?

bruce shaw
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ML350 G5 cpu upgrades?

Hello all, have an ML350 G5 which I am upgrading with more memory. We decided to do the processors as well and the spec appears to show that X5460 processors are supported on my board which current runs X5335 cpus. However, we've been told by one techie that ML350 G5s require HP branded CPUs to work; never heard this before and we've always assume that Intel Xeon chips are Intel Xeon chips and there's no difference as long as the same CPU are properly matched. Is this true? Or are standard Intel Xeon x5460 processors usable along with the latest firmware?


Re: ML350 G5 cpu upgrades?



Intel Xeon is Intel and not a HP brand processor.


Refer to ML350 G5 QuickSpecs and check the part for X5460 CPU, which is 493457-B21.

The reason why you need to buy from HP is because, HP sales package contains a PPM, Heatsink and Intel CPU.


BTW, this server can have three types of system boards, supporting different processors and PATA/SATA optical drives.

413984-001 = System board, supports Intel Xeon 50xx, 51xx processors and PATA optical drives. (Assembly number: 395566-001)
439399-001 = System board, supports Intel Xeon 52xx, 53xx, 54xx processors and PATA optical drives. (Assembly number: 395566-002)
461081-001 = System board, supports Intel Xeon 50xx, 51xx, 52xx, 53xx, 54xx processors and SATA optical drives. (Assembly number: 395566-003)


Before upgrading the CPU make sure your server system board supports.  System board part number can be found on a sticker on the board itself.



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