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ML350 G5 fan controls

Michael A. McKenney
Respected Contributor

ML350 G5 fan controls

I need to find a way to raise the fan % from 35% to 50%.   The box is over heating in a 68F server room.   I am ready to modify the server myself.   I figure HP set the fan characteristics.   I should be able to raise them myself.   Nothing in RBSU or ILO2.  I called HP.   Server is under Carepaq.

Esteemed Contributor

Re: ML350 G5 fan controls

I dont see a way of increasing the speed manually, sensors on the board and other components pass the temperature info to ILO which controls the fan speed. Once the agents are loaded they take control of it. I really dont think we can manually change the speed.

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Goutham Sabala