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ML350 G5 not recognizing my P800

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ML350 G5 not recognizing my P800

I have recently acquired and have been upgrading an ML350 G5.  No matter what PCI express slot I put the P800 in, it is not recognized by the bios or the array manager. The LED's on the back and the card don't flash much, but the battery lights turn on and if I connect my tape drive to it, it starts to warm up. I don't know if it is a software or hardware issue. Any idea what it could be?

Does the card need external power?


Possibilities I see:

+ The card

+ The connector / cable

+ The firmware

+ The drivers / OS


Re: ML350 G5 not recognizing my P800


It could be the Card itself or the Slot on the System Board.

Try the card in another server if available or any other card on this server.

Thank You!
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