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ML350 G5 powerup problem.


ML350 G5 powerup problem.

I seem to have a problem with powering up my ML350 G5.


When powering up the system all the lights turn green and before the Proliant splash screen appears it powers down. No red lights or whatsover. Just an amber power light. After a few tries it boots up and works like a charm. Also, this machine has always worked fine.


The machine has 2 power supplies, both original 1000 watt. They do however have different part numbers.



Does anyone have an idea what could cause this?


Re: ML350 G5 powerup problem.

Hi Frans Ganzinga,


My company using this model, two of it.


On last month one of it died like your case, but have red light.


My way to fix it is unplug all the power source for it overnight, than plug it in again. This also reset the BIOS to default.


Then I upgrade all the Firmware to latest, it look like have some bugs on the BIOS Firmware if your ML350 G5 BIOS is nerver upgrade before, high suggestion to upgrade it for a try.


1. BIOS first, then iLO2 later then SAS E200i .... then other Firmware. Since SAS have depandment the BIOS much match some version etc (You can read the release notes, it will remind you that).


But .... just a remind ... since ML350 G5 is old enough, it is five to seven year ago design whatever when you buy it.


Better find a usb HDD or NAS or SAN if you have to full backup it HDD data before upgrade the Firewarm of BIOS.


Hope this help.

Best Regards
Jimmy Chan