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ML350 G5 will not power up after 2 processor install.

Daniel Salagean
Occasional Visitor

ML350 G5 will not power up after 2 processor install.

I've received an ML350 G5 with only one processor installed and, after 2 weeks got the other processor.
I did the install following the instruction that came with the 2nd processor (remove plastic protection, install 2nd processor, install PPM)
Then when I pressed the power button the fans started to make a big sound, the lights on the DVD blinked and after ~20 seconds the server stopped. Then again, fans started to move, big sound, blinking lights and again stop.

So, I suspected that was something wrong with the way I installed the processor, so I unplugged the power, removed the 2nd processor, removed the PPM and plugged the power cords - the system has redundant power supplies.
When I pressed the power nothing happened.

Now, only sometimes, when I plug the power cords the first 3 front leds are lit in amber and the UID led is blue. Sometimes all front leds are off and sometimes only the UID led is blue.

I noticed that that sometime pressing repeteadly the power button it sort of cycles through led colors, but the system still doesn't start. What does this mean? How exactly can I manage to power up this server?

And one more question - I'm not quite sure what is iLo2 and how can be used. As far as I understand is a system that allows you to manage a server even if it's not powered up, it only has to have the power cord attached. How exactly can this be used - can somebody give me a step-by-step procedure?

Thank you.

Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

Re: ML350 G5 will not power up after 2 processor install.

For the first part I'd log a warranty call and get an engineer in.

For the second ILO can be used to remotely manage servers. With the default license you can power on/off the server and see and interact with the boot screen.
If you buy the advanced ILO Pack you can also interact with the booted graphical display and integrate with AD.
There are ILO docs around on the HP site. In a nutshell connect a cable. Boot the server and at the console F8 (I think) to enter the ILO settings, enter appropriate IP addresses, maybe create a new account / password etc.
You should be able to browse to the ILO after that.
Daniel Salagean
Occasional Visitor

Re: ML350 G5 will not power up after 2 processor install.

OK, now I've managed to connect to ILO-2.
But, when I power up the server using virtual buttons, it runs for ~10-20 seconds and then it shuts down and on the systemboard the led 9 (Temperature threshold or OVER_TEMP) is amber.
I can see the ILO2 log but this is related more to ILO2 itself, not to the server. IML is empty and I don't have a clue about what is causing the restart.

Using ILO2, can I override temperature settings?, so the server doesn't restart at any temperature level?