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ML350 G5 with P410 Controller

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ML350 G5 with P410 Controller

I have seen a few posts where users have mentioned their upgrades for ML350 G5 controllers to P410.


I have recently bought a ML350 G5, with E200i controller. The I/O is crazy slow and the dying controller battery is not helping either. P410 seems better in performance versus P400/P800, and may not be too expensive on ebay.

However it doesn't seem to be on ML350 G5 compatibility list. 


For the ones who did successfully perform the controller upgrade ... 

What part number did you need for P410 on these genreation 5 ML350's.

Did you have to purcahse any other accessory to make this upgrade work.


Really appreciate your help.



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Re: ML350 G5 with P410 Controller

It works. I picked one up off ebay for $150 with new battery. P410/512 BBWC.

The ML350 G5 is a dinosaur that eats up too much power. It is PCI-E 1.0 iirc.

My tests showed near zero performance gain with raid-10 on G5 machines. (raid-5/6/50/60 sure!)

But why throw money at something that has such high OPEX when a shiney new ebay special : search L5639 DL180 G6 will decimate in all areas. 12 cores using less power than the dual core in the G5 :)

of course, always buy new stuff , buy carepacks.

Poor students are exempt!