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ML350 G5 with SATA tape drive

Occasional Contributor

ML350 G5 with SATA tape drive

I have purchased a new ML350 G5 server (470064-258) with integrated E200i Smart Array controller. The server has 3 x 72 GB SAS HDD in a RAID 5 config.
I also have a internal Quantum DLT-V4 (SATA) tape drive that I need to connect. My problem is I don't have any where to directly connect to the main board. So I contacted HP to find out about additional options... They suggested an 8 port HBA (347786-B21) with a target fan SAS/SATA cable (389653-B21)to connect to the drive.
When I boot the server nothing is detected on the HBA when using the target fan cable but if I connect the SAS drive encloser to the HBA it sees the three 72GB drives! I have tried connecting differnet drives (standard HP SATA HDD etc..) to the cable but still nothing.
Does anyone know how I should be connecting this Tape Drive to the server, or how to configure the HBA to see SATA devices??? I have tried HP tech support many times and they just pass me around depts.
Any Help on this would be great as I really need to ship this server to site.

I only want to use HP components in the server as it will be on a site with no IT support and I will rely on HP service in the event of any failures.

Thank you in advance.

Paul Kirk