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ML350 G6 - 2nd Drive cage


ML350 G6 - 2nd Drive cage

Our server have the standard 8bay SFF cage installed as standard.

Now I would like to add 4 LFF 3Tb SATA disks to the server, configured as RAID 5.

My question is, can I install two LFF drive cages (pn: 487936-B21) in the server?

Physical there should be no problem if I remove the CDROM drive, but what about power cables etc.


If possible, which controller do I need to create a RAID 5 across those 2 cages?



Jørgen Olesen

Valued Contributor

Re: ML350 G6 - 2nd Drive cage



According to the quickspec you can not use two additional drive cages. You can have one additional drive cage in positions D and E only.


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Re: ML350 G6 - 2nd Drive cage



It's not suppoerted to mix SFF and LFF drive cages.



HP does not support mixing SFF and LFF optional hard drive expansion cages.



page 54 of the user guide





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Re: ML350 G6 - 2nd Drive cage

Your right.
Its weird that its not mentioned in quickspecs.
But on the other hand, I don't see why I cant install two 2 bay LFF cages, if I remove the cdrom drive, and put them on a seperate controller.