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ML350 G6: Bios-Date and iLO2 reseting after unpluging power & Uncorrectable Memory errors

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ML350 G6: Bios-Date and iLO2 reseting after unpluging power & Uncorrectable Memory errors

Hello dear friends, this is my first post but I have been studying the forums quite a long now

I was given by another company an ML350 G6 server (with dual CPU E5504 2.0 Ghz & 8GB RAM and one PSU 750 watt).

I installed Win2008 R2 (with smart start cd), installed the latest SPP 2015.10 and also installed the latest BIOS (2015.08.16) and iLO2 firmware (2.29 7 Oct 2015).


Everything was updating and running smoothly.

After finishing setup  I moved it to the server room. First thing I noticed after powering up is the message in the bios screen that the server reseting to defaults. All my changes in iLO2 (ip, dns,users) have reset to default. I didn't pay attention but I did change the coin battery in tha mainboard.

I did more tests and the same thing. After shuting down and unpluging the power cord, everything resets. The date goes back to the bios update date 2015.08.16 and also iLO2 resets again.

What is the reason for this? I have worked with many ML350 (G4 & G5) servers and never encounter this.


And also probably more serious. When I started the HP SMH and run the Insight Diagnostics I come up with uncorrectable memory error in DIMM 3 and 6 of the CPU2. I ordered the same RAM from my UK supplier (not new but tested) and replaced them. I launched Insight and everything was OK now untill the server halted one day and came up again with the memory error in other DIMM. I replaced them again, run Insight, everything is OK untill another system halt and again memory error. Overall I have in front of me now 6 DIMMs (2GB 1333MHz PC3-10600R DDR3) and they eventually all got "affected" with uncorrectable memory error.


Do you have any ideas about this? Now I am running it with 4 DIMMS and each one has the memory error and no IML entry of this error in iLO2 as it has reset after unplugging the power to swap memory.

Shall I stay with it? Does the server understand that the memory has problem and will keep operating with portion of it or will it halt again sometime?

Thanks in advance