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ML350 G6 - Graphics Card Problem

Occasional Contributor

ML350 G6 - Graphics Card Problem

Hello All,


I have a HP ML350 G6 which I am trying to add a Graphics Card to, but I am having hell getting it to detect it!


The 4 cards I have are:


GTS 450

GTX 650

Quadro 4000

GTX 680


All the cards are fine in the G6 APART from the Quadro card... which works fine in two other PCs. Initially I thought power but the 680 works fine which has simialar requirements.


I have checked in the BIOS and it doens't appear under PCI devices either.


I have run the latest SPP through so everything is at the latest version.


I am at a loss as to what to try next :smileysad:


Hopefully somone might have a suggestion!


Thanks in advance!


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Re: ML350 G6 - Graphics Card Problem