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ML350 G6 Hard Drives

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ML350 G6 Hard Drives

I need replacement hard drives in my ML350 but the HP hard drives are twice the price of the seagate drive that they supply...


I have tried using basic 2.5 drives in a caddy but the server fans run at full speed (so noisy!)


Can I use Seagate ST9500620NS hard drives and will the cooling fans run at normal speed with these hard drives?


I know I should be buying the HP drives but times are hard!


I assume the drives are the same unless HP have their own special firmware installed to the drive?


Anyone have experience of this please?


Re: ML350 G6 Hard Drives

As stated by you, it is always recommended to install drives from HP as they are designed to fit in the chassis correctly. Any other driver may work as they have the appropriate connector, but may result in improper airflow and resulting in instances of high fan speed as mentioned by you. However, I am not sure if the firmware that of Seagate drives work on HP drives, possible that the firmware is customized as per HP's requirement, though HP drives may also be from Seagate.





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Re: ML350 G6 Hard Drives

you may use 3rd party drives however HP Controllers cannot monitor the hard drives for failures and predictive failures , I do not think using 3rd party drives will cause the fans to run at high rpm
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Goutham Sabala
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Re: ML350 G6 Hard Drives

In reply to my own question...


The following hard drive: ST9500620NS is perfectly compatible with ML350 G6


The cooling fans run at the correct speed


Unlike the Seagate *********AS hard drives which make the server sound like it's taking off because it can't tell the temperature of the drive