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ML350 G6 - Minimum environment temperatures

Andy Steadman
Occasional Advisor

ML350 G6 - Minimum environment temperatures

Hi, I have purchased a ML350 G6 for a remote office. I have located it in the roof above the office. At the moment it is getting very cold at night and I was wondering if anyone thinks the server will have an issue with the temperatures reported by the iLO below?

Location Reading
Ambient Zone 8C
CPU 1 40C
Memory Zone 15C
I/O Board 1 20C
CPU Zone 10C
Memory Zone 16C
Storage Zone 8C
System Zone 28C

Any input would be appreciated.
Honored Contributor

Re: ML350 G6 - Minimum environment temperatures

hmmm Andy should be fine

look in the link under the tab Technical Specifications


This is how we thank in the forum


Andy Steadman
Occasional Advisor

Re: ML350 G6 - Minimum environment temperatures

I see on many specifications a lower temperature range of 10C, as in this one. I believe that with it getting colder the ambient zone will drop to 4-5C, should I be trying to raise the temperature? Or do you think it will survive the winter without getting pneumonia (a term re-invented by me in tech terms to describe a server freezing in the winter and failing to operate, haha)?

Andy Steadman
Occasional Advisor

Re: ML350 G6 - Minimum environment temperatures

Hi all,

With the recent drop in temperature the iLO is reporting the following temperatures.

Ambient Zone -1C
CPU 1 40C
CPU Zone 1C
Memory Zone 7C
Storage Zone -2C

When googling server temperature minimums this post comes pretty close to the top, so for anyone else and for my information can someone put my mind at rest that a server will operate as normal and not fail under these conditions?

Andy Steadman
Occasional Advisor

Re: ML350 G6 - Minimum environment temperatures

Anyone know of an app to tell me the hard drive temp? I'm running 4 SAS drives (2 x RAID 10). Need to check that the actual drives aren't at risk of freezing.
Valued Contributor

Re: ML350 G6 - Minimum environment temperatures

If they haven't frozen yet, I don't think you'll have a problem with them (physically)running that cold, I would wonder about read/write errors at those temps. Minimum operating temp for the hard drives is 10C in the storage zone.


I would also be more concerned about how fast the temperature changes. If it cools off to quickly at night you run the chance of condensation, and the thermal stress from rapid temperature swings can kill parts very quickly.

If you can, relocate the server to an area that's temperature-controlled, or at a minimum put some sort of heater with a thermostat, and keep it set no lower than 10C. Otherwise you but both the server and the warranty at risk.