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ML350 G6 / SmartArray P410i ACU No Controllers Detected


ML350 G6 / SmartArray P410i ACU No Controllers Detected

One of my ML350 G6 servers running Windows 2008 R2 Core periodically reports "no controllers detected" error when using the ACU (either by the web app or the cli).  Usually rebooting the server clears this up, but obviously with a production server that is not ideal.


Something else I just noticed, when that occurs if I go into the version control agent on the SMH for that server, the "Online ROM flash component for windows - smart array" item on that server dissappears from the list (most likely because it is unable to see it).


I had a bookmark to a support forum link for the HP miniport driver no controllers detected that referenced it being an issue in 64 bit OS's and pointed to this link (  I tried that previously and it did not seem to fix the issue (although that link is confusing in that it tells you to create the registry key under \Parameters, and then shows a screenshot of it created under \HpCISSs2, so I'm not positive I did it correctly) .


All of my drivers and firmware are up to date (I can confirm the firmware is up to date also, I update servers at the same time and I confirmed all other servers are on the newest firmware).  I am going to schedule downtime tonight to reboot the server and fix this, but I was hoping for suggestions for things to try as permanent solutions while I have it down.


Any thoughts?


Re: ML350 G6 / SmartArray P410i ACU No Controllers Detected

If everything is already upgraded, it may be with a cache (bbwc) or controller problem.


If you have the Controller Memory Cache/Battery , try removing and reconnecting it again. Also, check cables.

If the problem persists, you may want to contact the HP Support through phone.

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Re: ML350 G6 / SmartArray P410i ACU No Controllers Detected

Thank you for the response.  When I bring it down to reboot I will open it up and check all connections and reseat cards.