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ML350-G6 & Blade series - Windows 10X not providing/installing/updating assorted drivers ... USB2, e

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ML350-G6 & Blade series - Windows 10X not providing/installing/updating assorted drivers ... USB2, e

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MS update malfunctioned and took-out my Z400 (April 20 - see MS Forum), so I fired-up a spare ML350G6 (easier to move/set-up than the DL380G6's).


I noticed the USB driver first did not work for drives (HDD/SSD/USB-stick), then only as USB one (1) - at ultra slow speed (less than 8Mb/minute - standard doc/text/image transfer rate to main onboard drives - although the ML350G6 is supposed to be USB2.


1. Came to HP support, followed instruction to try Win update/then update via Device Manager ... which ended in win update/Device manager saying they had no compatible drivers/nothing installed (error messages #28 & 31) - then sending me back to the manufacturers (HP) for drivers.


Rather frustrating, and going in circles tends to cause dizziness. Have HP go a URL (their's) for the USB/USB2 drivers to suit ML350G6/Blade series/DL380G6 servers?


2. Exactly the same thing happened for the USB Syopsys Controller (code 31); IPMI interface (code 28), several other devices, and the standard (microsoft) vga adapter driver (on this thing, as I recall the onboard is ATI).


Pointers to where the drivers for these components might be found - at HP - would be appreciated, because they are not at Microsoft./MS Update ... and seemingly not likely to be.


I believe the components in question probably serve some good or function - elsewise HP would not have them on the system/motherboard.


... On the way in I noticed a listing of with HP units are compatible with the increasingly schizophrenic offerings from MS (ie. Windows 10x, and the next assault on our sanity (Windows No-X?). I am inclined to say - based on function/performance ...

ML350G6/Blade series are not cross compatible with Windows 10x ... if you try higher functionality (anything over what an old 486DX100 could do).


Any help or useful pointers would be appreciated (as always). Yes to the Linux guys - but I do not have time just now to shift everything to redHOT or Umbantu; while trying to "Roll Back" (Server 2014) killed the Z800.


I use the Assorted Candies emergency procedure (keep packets in the stationary cupboard). Everytime MS product stuff something (monthly thing), I make a fresh coffee, then open a packet of candies ... much a few and try to imagine I'm off somewhere fishing, or sunbathing, etc.

Does help.


Cheers all - stay safe and stay healthy ...




Re: ML350-G6 & Blade series - Windows 10X not providing/installing/updating assorted drivers ...


I feel you need to install Chipset driver.

Ensure that you have supported Operating system installed then download and run SPP online from OS which will update all the driver and firmware then check the status.

HP Service Pack for ProLiant

Driver download page for Ml350 G6[swt8000113,swt8000078]&f:@kmswsoftwaresubtypekey=[swst9000214,swst9000032,swst9000100]&f:@kmswtargetproductbaseenvironmentlatest=[3884318_Microsoft]




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Re: ML350-G6 & Blade series - Windows 10X not providing/installing/updating assorted drivers ...

Dear Sudhir,

 Thank you for your reply, suggestions and links. The fundamental issue is Windows 10 and its drivers (lack-of/redundant or just bad code). I did a work-around by looking at the actual board component numbers (intel stuff), going up there and finding device drivers for components using the same chipset, then extracting those and manually putting them on the system/over-riding the windows/HP drivers.

 Not great, but better. About the best I can do - for now - working from home (no staff) during the Covid19 voluntary institutional and business shut-downs.

 Will suffice for the time being, then later I can get my people on it to come-up with something better.

 I will (for now) mark this as resolved.

 This leaves one outstanding issue/question:

"When the Cricket World Cup resumes, who is going to win?"



note. I read a lot of your posts/answers here, and believe you do an outstanding job - as my friend Paul.T does over the domestic side. I admire your efforts.

 Few years back, likely before your father was born, I was guarded by a team of Jagyurs. Wonderful people and friends - while I suspect they were actually guarding the general populace from me (laugh). Rare, proud, impecible and couragous men, which makes me suspect you have Jagyurs in your ancestory. They would be proud of you and the honour you bring.

 The Gods smile on you ...