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ML350 G6 cpu support, in need of explanation

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ML350 G6 cpu support, in need of explanation

Hi all,

I want to upgrade my old ML350 G6, I love those era CPU's. Also still use my trusty i7 920.
It has the 511775-001 rev 0B motherboard.
I have searched for weeks to find the details about the different motherboards, these ML350 G6 came with.

People say:
- 511775-001: Only supports X5500 series.

- 606019-001: Supports X5500 and X5600 series.

But I can'tfind any proof why this should be the case!
In old posts I found this link, which was given as proof:

But still I can't read anything on the limitations of the older motherboard.

There are even 511775-001 Rev 0A and 0B boards, no idea what differences they have.
Also I have given the ML350 the latest system rom

2015.08.16(30 Sep 2015)
Many version ealier the support for X5600 was added.
The Intel 5520 chipset also supports X5600.

So why should a 511775-001 Rev 0B not support X5600 CPU's?



Re: ML350 G6 cpu support, in need of explanation

Since nobody seems to know this, I tested my theory myself.

I bought an E5620 second hand and it works perfectly with my 511775-001 rev. 0B
So don't trust the other sheep on the internet claiming that motherboard version does not support X5600 series.
Just update the bios, can still be done with a Service Pack dvd.


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Re: ML350 G6 cpu support, in need of explanation

Buddy, i need to update my BIOS too, is that service dvd availabled for download? i cant find bios roms anywhere.




Re: ML350 G6 cpu support, in need of explanation

The latest bios for the ML350 G6 is the 2015.08.16 (30 Sep 2015) which is for example stored inside the Service Pack for ProLiant version 2017.04.0 (<871795_001_spp-2017.04.0-SPP2017040.2017_0420.14.iso>/hp/swpackages/cp028200.exe).

However you need a working support contract with HP in order to download the latest SPP (if you do not find that or the file somewhere via google).