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ML350 G6 - escalating fan-speed until maxed out

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ML350 G6 - escalating fan-speed until maxed out

Howdy,  at my company the previous IT guru quit and I ended up in charge of maintaining the servers.  I have relatively minor experience working with servers and need some assistance.

We have 3 HP ML350 servers running Windows Server 2012, and the 3rd one is setup to be a replica server for Hyper-V, and receives changes from the other 2 servers running various virtual machines.

This morning I noticed 3rd server started making an escalating fan speed noise.  When I first reboot it, it's very quiet, but after about 3 minutes the fans start to spin faster and faster, and they continue to escalate until they reach what sounds like max speed after about 15 minutes.  The machine is so loud at the moment that it can be heard around the entire office.

I've looked into the performance manager, and everything seems to be running really well.  CPU usage is tiny, memory usage is tiny, nothing seems out of the ordinary.

EDIT: I just went into BIOS and the fan speed will actually start to escalate while I'm in BIOS.  

I changed the Thermal Settings to "Reduced Acoustics" to see if it would fix the issue, but it doesn't seem to have made a difference.


UPDATE: so I shutdown the system, removed power for an hour, put it all back together and powered it back up, and the fan escalation has stopped.  I think I've lost half of my hair and a third of my hearing, but the system seems to be running normal again.