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ML350 G6 - failed drives in an array.

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ML350 G6 - failed drives in an array.

Hi all,


I have an ML350 G6 with 3x 300GB SAS 2.5 Drives. Runng SBS2011.
C Drive - OS
E Drive - DATA

We installed this server for a customer and heard no more. They refused the support option, so they were on their own.

Server stopped booting, looked at the smartstart and all 3 drives had failed? Never seen that before!


HP confirmed this too from the logs. I thought if a drive failed it was marked as failed and not used? Its as if the server has continued to use the failed drives? As it was still attempting to boot into windows, even with all free status lights flashing red from the front of the server.


Re: ML350 G6 - failed drives in an array.

Sometimes it is possible that the drives develop hard read errors, but the threshold is not yet reached to be flagged for predictive failure. The drive would continue to work. The LED indications could also indicate that the array is in degraded state.


It is possible that the LED status were not interpreted appropriately. This is just a possibility that I am hinting here. 


If a hard drive fails, then it is marked as failed and is no longer part of the array.


Also, after replacement of the drives did the replaced drives LED behave correctly?






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