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ML350 G6 memory config. (Conflicting info)

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ML350 G6 memory config. (Conflicting info)

Trying to upgrade the memory and from my perusing I am getting conflicting information (from HP and Crucial both). I have read in both places the max memory is 288GB, but I have also read that the max is 144GB.

I ordered 48GB (6x8GB), but our vendor sent me 3x16GB modules. They didn't work, so I am assuming max memory with 2 CPUs is 144GB with 8GB modules, am I correct?

I really only want to install the 48GB, so do I need to send these back and get my original request of 6x8GB?


Re: ML350 G6 memory config. (Conflicting info)



Refer to memory configuration from this document and QuickSpecs.

In the QuickSpecs if you see the Memory configuration Maximum Capacity, it varies for Registered DIMMS (RDIMMs) Single Rank (1R) to Unbuffered with ECC DIMMs (UDIMMs) Dual Rank (2R).


See what type of memory you have ordered and populate accordingly.


Thank You!
I am a HP employee.

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Re: ML350 G6 memory config. (Conflicting info)

Ok, I have found that 16GB RDIMMs are compatible. Talked to HP tech India.

However, I have 3x16GB (4R) RDIMMs and everytime I try to boot (regardless of configuration (1 module, 3 modules, slot A, B, and/or C,)) I get the memory slot amber lights followed by the long beep code.

My BIOS is current.

I can boot with the original 2GB and 4GB RDIMMs that were already in the machine.

I have tried the memory configurator.

I have tried this.


What am I doing wrong?