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ML350 G6 memory speeds

bruce shaw
Occasional Contributor

ML350 G6 memory speeds

Looking at upgrading an ML350 G6 server memory from 4GB sticks (1333Mhz - 24GB total) to something quite a bit more either 64 or 96 GB. I have Kingston currently which has been fine, no problems. Looking at Kingstons current stuff though, the same type of chip is no longer available and the only stuff is either much more RAM per stick (16GB @ 1333Mhz) or higher speed (ie 4/8/16GB at 1600Mhz).

Can a G6 handle those speeds (1600Mhz)? Currently is running 2 X Xeon 5620s.  Push comes to shove I'd always rather have more memory. We could find more of the older 4GB/1333Mhz sticks and populate to 64 but that would really fill out all the available memory slots and still run the 1333Mhz speeds (not sure how the quad rank/triple banking would change the speed at all).

Then the next option might be to simply go straight to 8 (only available at 1600Mhz) or 16GB sticks (1333 and 1600Mhz both available). Provided the system could handle 1600Mhz, then that would be the first choice as the price is not dramatically different. Probably go straight to 6 chips (3 per memory array) @ 16GB/stick.

Any suggestions, previous experience, ideas? The HP configurator is ok but I'm looking for something a little more experience based.