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ML350 G6 power plugged no Led

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ML350 G6 power plugged no Led


i've been facing this issue after powering off the server, when i plugged the power cord back no power on the board no Leds at all  the power supply fans are working but no led, so i have tried to fix the issue,

i used the minimum configuration to power the server on

i found something when i remove the power cable that connects the power backplane to the system board, the power supply led works and when i put the board power back to the board the server works fine!

when i remove the power cord the same issue happens!

is there something wrong with the system board or power backplane?

any suggestion


thank you

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Re: ML350 G6 power plugged no Led

Hi  Ali92  , 


The power supply backplane looks like the suspect here.




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