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ML350 G6 with 2 CPU Intel Xeon E5645 2.4GHz won't turn on with 2 CPU

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ML350 G6 with 2 CPU Intel Xeon E5645 2.4GHz won't turn on with 2 CPU

Hi everyone, I am going crazy with this machine, here is what happen:

The server has been working for over 5 years with the same memory and CPU, but one day after a shutdown, maintenance and then when I tried to turn on, any thing happen just the fans start slowly and then going faster and faster when maximum spining is reached it stays like that for like 5 minutes and start over again, during this process I didn't get any video.

- First thing first: firmware upgraded last version

Same problem

- Minimum hardware configuration (2 proccesor)

Same problem

Then I tried to remove CPU from socket 2 and it worked, I changed CPU from socket 1 and placed CPU that was on socket 2 and it also worked, concluded that it was mother board socket 2, replaced systemboard and same problem, then I left the 2 proccessors without any memory and got the same fan behavior without video AND without any alarm saying that the server did not have any memory installed which is not normal.

Then I tried that with only 1 CPU and without memory and I happened what I was expecting, I got a memory error.

I tried with the 2 proccesors installed and just one DIMM for each proccesor and got the same problem, I tried again with just one procesor and one DIMM and it worked, the problem is everytime I try to turn on the server with the 2 CPU installed.

Also when I run the diagnostic with Proliant Support Pack first with one CPU and then with the other I don't get any error

I tested complete test with 2 loops and custom test 2 loops also.

The CPU's are the same that were working for over 5 years.

I don't know what else to do :'(

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Re: ML350 G6 with 2 CPU Intel Xeon E5645 2.4GHz won't turn on with 2 CPU

Try with minimum power supply if possible . Or there could be an issue with the power back plane