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ML350 G6 won't boot after installing second CPU

Occasional Contributor

ML350 G6 won't boot after installing second CPU

My ML350 G6 won't boot when I try to start it with 2 CPUs. I tried both CPUs and they both work when put into the first socket with the second slot empty, also tried resetting the NVRAM by flipping the DIP switch, trying to boot, and flipping it back and trying to boot. Both CPUs have the same SLBFD stepping code and are both X5520 CPUs. I got 4 of those blue fans installed and tested the memory when only one CPU was installed. I tried both filling up all white slots and also only the first white slot. I have upgraded to the latest BIOS version. I'm not sure which revision of the motherboard I have but that shouldn't really matter I think I have two 750W power supplies installed.

I should add that the two LEDs on the front panel are green, the LEDs on the two power supplies are green and there are no error LEDs showing on the system board.

I have double checked the pins in CPU socket 2, they look as good as new.

Valued Contributor

Re: ML350 G6 won't boot after installing second CPU

Hi m8, 


The only option which I would suggest is try to configure ILO. Log through the ILO and check the logs during operating with two CPUs. 


Please let us know the status.