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ML350 G8 S120i + new RAID controller

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ML350 G8 S120i + new RAID controller



Got an ML350e Gen8 (470065-691) with integrated B120i (Zero memory), and a default drive cage of 4 disks, all of em used right now (2 RAID1) plus the DVD drive also connected.


We would like to upgrade the storage limits as we are going out of disk and are looking in a way to upgrade it.

We only need the posibility to add more disks (maybe add another RAID1 to move legacy documents which may be accesed not so often), since B120i is limited to 6 disks (less one as DVD connected) I think we are forced to buy a new Controller.


We are looking into the P222 as it is one of the supported for this server and connect its miniSAS connector to a new drive cage (of another 4 disks bays). But my doubt is if we do this can both controller coexists? Can both controllers work simultaneosly so i can connect a total of 8 disks? if it is possible i will move existing RAIDS to the new controller with best performance and put new drives in the old one for legacy files. 



Another doubt about drive cage, the server came with one 4xdisk cage, (there should be space for 2 more, numbers 5 and 6 in the cage are locked and have not connector in the back but some documentation from HP shows that there are cages for 6 disks (maybe for higher model of controllers which can run more than 4 disks).


Can I get some advice on which are my options? We dont want to spend a lot of money, if the Controller is required it will be ok, if there is an alternative will be glad to hear it.



Thanks you,