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ML350 G8 and HDD Cage Kit's.

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ML350 G8 and HDD Cage Kit's.

ML350 G8 (with FBWC 1GB ), it has 8 SFF HD's in standard bay.

I want to add an addtional 16 SFF drives.

What do I have to buy for this purpose?

As I understood, one of ways to buy 2 * (659484-B21 + 631670-B21).
Other way to buy 661714-B21 + something else, but I can't understand what, because didn't find that enters in 661714-B21.

Mark Matthews
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Re: ML350 G8 and HDD Cage Kit's.


You dont say if the server is an ML350e or ML350p Gen 8?

Assuming the 'p', then have a look at the Quickspecs page here...

The bottom of page 31 explains all the optional drive cages etc.


In particular the difference between the HP 5U 8 Small Form Factor (SFF) Hot Plug Drive Cage Kit 659484-B21 and the HP 5U 8 SFF Expander Hard Drive Cage Kit 661714-B21


NOTE: Additional Hot Plug Drive Cages require a separate Smart Array controller for each drive cage. HP recommends the HP Smart Array P420/1GB FBWC 6Gb 2-ports Int
SAS Controller (P/N 631670-B21).
NOTE: Expander HDD Cage Kit allows up to 18 LFF / 24 SFF HDDs managed under one
single controller. The controller must have a minimum of 512MB FBWC module



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Re: ML350 G8 and HDD Cage Kit's.


I read quickspecs, but I didn't understand what enters into Expander HDD Cage Kit (661714-B21)?



insufficiently detailed description for the beginner, all pictures identical for 661714-B21,659484-B21,661618-B21,662883-B21.


What it is necessary to buy in addition to Expander HDD Cage Kit (661714-B21) to insert the remained 16 disks into the server?



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Re: ML350 G8 and HDD Cage Kit's.


I had the same situation where needed to do and extra cage upgrade to ML350p G8 and didn't know what to chose.

Then I have rebuilt the initial config in SalesBuilder, marked it as "do not quote" and chose the Expander kit (661714-B21) with drives.

It gave me no configuration errorrs, which means that this kit has everything needed (including internal SAS cables) for the upgrade.

Hope it helps.




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Re: ML350 G8 and HDD Cage Kit's.


we have a ML350p Gen 8 with 7 HDDs and are using HyperV with 1 x virtual Microsoft Remote Desktop Services and 1 x virtual Microsoft Small Business Server on this hardware. The performance is great, now.

We want to add 7 additional HDDs.

For the performance we would like to use the separate Cage 659484-B21 (Spare 660348-001) with the separate SA-Controller - but I have no chance ro receive this cage!!!

Are there any performance problems by using the expander cage  (661714-B21) with only 1 smart array-controller??