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ML350 G9 Fan Spikes

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ML350 G9 Fan Spikes


Hello i have a client that owns a Proliant ML350 gen9, it was working just fine without any issue.  Two weeks agos the speed of the fans started to spike from  25% to 80%.  The CPU temp is "cool" at about 40c,  the server is not dirty nor dusty.

We have updated the Bios to "2.74_07-21-2019"  yet the issue remains.

I did a quick search in this forums and i found a suggestion:



1. From the System Utilities screen, select System Configuration>BIOS/Platform Configuration (RBSU)>Advanced Options>Fan and Thermal Options>Thermal Configuration and press Enter.
2. Select a setting and press Enter.
a. Optimal Cooling
—Provides the most efficient solution by configuring fan speeds to the minimum required to provide adequate cooling.
3. Press F10."
Yet the fans still spikes to 80%

Re: ML350 G9 Fan Spikes

Hi Ger_Pa , 


What is your ILO firmware version. If its running anything other than the latest version,i recommend to update it first.

The ILO manages the Fan and cooling within the server. 




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Re: ML350 G9 Fan Spikes

Following as I'm here for this exact reason, last month we had the same issue.

Starting with updating all firmware first and we'll go from there.

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Re: ML350 G9 Fan Spikes

I have 3 servers doing this anyone find a solution?