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ML350 G9 with p440ar supporting 24lff drives.

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ML350 G9 with p440ar supporting 24lff drives.

Hello, we recently purchased an ML350 G9 pn: 776976-s01 and we are pretty confused with all the documentation regarding the raid controllers. This one has a P440ar. In order to have 24LFF SATAIII drives working on it I was told before that we needed to have 2 x 769635 - B21 plus 2 x 726547-B21, but in the documentation it specifies that 769635 - B21 is not compatible with the P440ar card. What should we do? Or does the P440ar already supports the 24LFF drives just installing the Drive cage kits? Do we need to purchase along with the expander cards and the cages a P440 controller?


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Re: ML350 G9 with p440ar supporting 24lff drives.

I guess I will respond to myself:

For those who may be looking for this information, I found this:

Basically I must replace the p440ar with a p440 or better (I guess because it doesnt fully specify on the link). Then adding a SAS expander kit, and the cages. Now what I don't if I must get cable kits...

Some one please correct me, or confirm this information?