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ML350 Gen 10 Intelligent Provisioning issues

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ML350 Gen 10 Intelligent Provisioning issues


Looking for some  help. Just starting setting up a new ML350 Gen 10 server and having problems with Intelligent provisioning. I have to say, compared to our Gen 8, the interface for this and all the other aspects such as Bios etc is atrocious. Non intuitive, slow etc. Looks pretty but the user experience is terrible!

Anyway, I have a network address setup and accessible and I have specified the details for our proxy. however when I go to try to  update firmware, I just get the error that the repository is unavailable. I have watched my proxy log realtime and I can see that the server never even tries to request any URL's so something is not right here.

I have tried DHCP and static addresses but no joy. Am I missing something ?





Re: ML350 Gen 10 Intelligent Provisioning issues

Hello Craig,

Sorry to hear that.

I have seen similar issue with  Intelligent Provisioning version 3.00.382 which got fixed after i updated to 3.10.

There is new version of Intelligent Provisioning 3.20 is available now, You should update and check.

Intelligent Provisioning Recovery Media for Gen10



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