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ML350 Gen10 - Offline Diagnostics?

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ML350 Gen10 - Offline Diagnostics?

We just got a ML350 Gen10 that's giving us a number of problems out of the box. I don't really feel the need to get into them, because I'm willing to write them off as annoying bugs, provided it passes diagnostics checks. Problem is that I can't find offline diagnostics anywhere. I know at one point, HP had Insight Diagnostics. Tried to find it through Smart Provisioning, but it's not there. Booted to the 2017.10.1 Service Pack, and it's not there either. Searched for a bootable .iso, I can find plenty of references to it, but I can't actually find it. The closest I can get is the "Active Health System Log" in Smart Provisioning maintenance, but that's something that's meant to be manually submitted to HP.

Do I have any options here? Or am I just supposed to spin it up with no assurances and hope it doesn't break despite numerous problems on day one?


Re: ML350 Gen10 - Offline Diagnostics?


Looks like Insight Diagnostics is not supported on Gen10 servers.

Please refer to this community post and the document link:

From Intelligent Provisioning screen, you go to RAID Configuration and SSA is launched.  There you can run the Array Diagnostics.  But other diagnostics for (Fan, DIMM, etc) are not available.

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