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ML350 Gen10 SNMP OIDs

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ML350 Gen10 SNMP OIDs

Hello I am trying to get a list if the OIDs to monitor things in the ILO, for exmaple,

RAID Status
Nic info

I have ran an SMTP walk and found alot of OIDs but I dont seem to be able to find the info i need, here is a sample of what i got back from the walk that i understand, but I dont see any reference to RAID in the complete list etc

. = STRING: "iLO 5"
. = STRING: "System ROM"
. = STRING: "Redundant System ROM"
. = STRING: "Intelligent Platform Abstraction Data"
. = STRING: "Power Management Controller Firmware"
. = STRING: "Power Management Controller FW Bootloader"
. = STRING: "System Programmable Logic Device"
. = STRING: "Server Platform Services (SPS) Firmware"
. = STRING: "HPE Smart Storage Battery 1 Firmware"
. = STRING: "Intelligent Provisioning"
. = STRING: "Innovation Engine (IE) Firmware"
. = STRING: "Embedded Video Controller"
. = STRING: "HPE Smart Array P408i-a SR Gen10"
. = STRING: "HPE Ethernet 1Gb 4-port 369i Adapter"
. = STRING: "1.37 Oct 25 2018"
. = STRING: "U41 v1.46 (10/02/2018)"
. = STRING: "U41 v1.42 (06/20/2018)"


Re: ML350 Gen10 SNMP OIDs



ILO itself is a monitoring tool which monitors the server for any issues. From your query we understand that you are trying to find the OID's for Raid Status, Temp, Nic Status, etc. In your query we see the nic OID:- . = STRING: "HPE Ethernet 1Gb 4-port 369i Adapter".  If you want to find the OID then you will have to use HP SIM hence please find below link:-


To check on raid status you can use the Smart storage administrator. Temp sensors report to ILO directly. Nic status also same. If there is any failure of drives, nic failure or temperature getting high then ILO will log an entry in the IML.




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