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ML350 Gen6 - power on failure


ML350 Gen6 - power on failure

I have a Proliant ML350 Gen6 server that was having problems with randomly shutting off. I could power it back on and it would stay afloat for a day or an hour and then shut back off.

I tested the power supplies in a similiar model and found those to be in working order. I then read that this problem was caused by a failing system board. I have since replaced the system board, but the problem remains. I can hear the system begin to power on but then it dies, tries again one or two more times, then dies for good. I was never able to see anything in the logs warning of a component failure or an impending drive failure, etc. Server has been working fine without any issue for the past 8 months.

Am I at a point where the Power Supply Backplane might have failed? I'm not sure where else to look.



Jimmy Vance

Re: ML350 Gen6 - power on failure

Sounds like the power supply is sensing an over voltage / short. Even though you've replaced the system board, have you tried unplugging everything except the minimal connections needed to get the system to power on?

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Re: ML350 Gen6 - power on failure

Thanks for your reply. No, I have not yet parsed out all of the components, but I will try that. I'm using 110V household circuits and it was working fine until recently. I have also tested using different outlets, but I will try making as many disconnections as possible to test a boot. Thanks.