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[ML350 Gen9] Accesories P/Ns needed for SATA drives mounting in SFF Tower


[ML350 Gen9] Accesories P/Ns needed for SATA drives mounting in SFF Tower

I need help with adding hard drives to the server Proliant ML350 Gen9.

I have a SFF version, tower orientation. Currently, there are 6
SAS 2.5'' hard drives installed in box number 6, which are connected to the SAS controller installed (since supply by the distributor). The remaining 5 of 6 drive boxes are empty - there are blanks.

I have a couple of SATA drives: both 3.5'' HDDs and 2.5'' SSDs. I want them to make server disk resources. Exactly what accessories I need to buy?

I know that for each type of drive I have to install them in separate boxes. I do not know what are the names and product numbers of required accessories. The documents show that in one box can be mounted vertically up to 2 drives 3.5'' or up to 8 drives 2.5''. I suppose I need a frame/cage to mount "caddies", which are placed one by one drives. I hope, I don't need any new controller. I have a sufficient number of unoccupied SATA ports on the motherboard.

If necessary, I can upload photos showing how hardware configuration
looks now.

Thank you in advance for your help.




Re: [ML350 Gen9] Accesories P/Ns needed for SATA drives mounting in SFF Tower



Refer to Server QuickSpecs for part numbers:


726547-B21 = HP ML350 Gen9 8LFF Hot Plug Drive Cage Kit
NOTE: Additional 8LFF Hard Drive backplane allowing for up 24FF Drive Bays.

778157-B21 = HP ML350 Gen9 8SFF Hard Drive Cage Kit
NOTE: Additional 8SFF Hard Drive Cage, allowing for up 48SFF Drive Bays.

According to "HP ProLiant ML350 Gen9 Server Maintenance and Service Guide" Page 100.

With optional drive cages installed, the server supports up to 48 SFF drives or up to 24 LFF drives. The server does not support mixing SFF and LFF drives.


Coming to additional controller, refer to the above QuickSpecs and this document:



Thank You!
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Re: [ML350 Gen9] Accesories P/Ns needed for SATA drives mounting in SFF Tower

Suman_1978, thank you for your reply.

I realized that the SFF is the same as the drive 2.5 ''. Forgive my ignorance...

Now I know that I have to find another use for my
3.5 '' drives ;)

Just a few questions:

Whether through the "HP ML350 Gen9 8SFF Hard Drive Cage Kit (778157-B21)" I can connect any
2.5 '' SATA SSD? My existing drives do not come with HP distribution and are made by other manufacturers.

Where to get caddies, which can be inserted into the cage kit?



Re: [ML350 Gen9] Accesories P/Ns needed for SATA drives mounting in SFF Tower

     Su makes it sound like you can mix LFF and SSF cages.  You can not.  The LLF and SFF chassis are different. 
 We have a client that uses:
HP ML350 Gen9 SFF Media Cage Kit: 726545 - B21
SAS fan cable: Int-MS-1M4S
3 Drive enclosures: BPU-230SATA-BLACK 

To support 3 WD60EZRX on the on board B SATA controller.

To use SSD in the server you will need some 651314-001 smart trays, if you get the axiom on (651314-001-AX) make sure you get it from somewhere with a good return policy we see around 10% bad firmware on the AX trays.  The tray has to be seen as a “Authentic HP smart drive” or the HSBP controller will not power up the drive correctly and you will see :”<SDD NAME> size 0gb” in the ACU.  We have not seen any issue with good AX trays combined with retail Samsung 830 pro, 840 pro and evo or the Intel 710 on the Dl380 gen9 with the p440i controller.

Please be aware depending on SA controller you have you may need the SA advanced pack license to use the SSDs full potential.  (E.g P420 runs at SATA II without it.)

If you add a second SSF cage as recommended by SU you will also want to get the SAS expander kit. 769635 - B21

Edit note: Grammar & specifying DL380 was the unit we installed retail SSDs after confirming with the client that they understood the config was unsupported by us or HP.


Re: [ML350 Gen9] Accesories P/Ns needed for SATA drives mounting in SFF Tower

Rob, thank you for your reply.

Do not worry, I realized now that I can not mix SFF with LFF :)

My goal is to avoid having to buy unnecessary hardware, especially the Smart Array Controller.

Thank you for describing the case of your client.

Can I put a SATA SSD (placed in
651314-001 smart trays) to 778157-B21 cage? Is that the cage is not intended only to SAS? SAS ports in the cage match ports SATA SSD?

And the most important question - what is the purpose of SATA ports located on the system board? Can I connect to them my SATA SSD
directly? Of course, it remains to solve the problem of how to put these disks in a box... (in case, when retail SSDs will not match the 778157-B21 cage).