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ML350 P410i replacement drive instantly fails

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ML350 P410i replacement drive instantly fails

Four new hot-swappable SAS 300GB (assembly # 652564-B21) drives (drive p/n HGST HUC101830CSS200) were installed and configured as SAS Array B and built as RAID 5 .  

After 5 days, one of the drives, bay 6, failed.  Two replacement assemblies (one for a spare), same part number, were ordered  (it was a refurb), but both failed after a couple of seconds.  Rebooting the server did not help. 

Tried original failed hard drive and began to rebuild, this process ran for 3 days and failed.  Figured that since it started to rebuild, the bay was good, but not completely sure, could be bas refurbs.

Ordered two new drive assemblies, same part number, and received SAS 300GB (drive p/n HP EG0300FCVBF), the first one also failed after a couple of seconds.

Both drives, the HGST and HP,  appear as data type, 300.0 GB, SAS, PHY count 2, 10.5k speed, transfer speed shown as PHY 1: 6 Gbps, PHY 2: Unknown.

What can be done?



Re: ML350 P410i replacement drive instantly fails

Hi srucks,

It was mentioned ML350 with P410i. So it appears to be a G6 server.

The Drive part number 652564-B21 shows  HPE 300GB SAS 6G ENTERPRISE 10K SFF (2.5IN) SC 3YR WTY HDD

Smart Carrier (SC) drives are supported only on Gen8 and newer servers/controllers.

EG0300FCVBF looks like a normal SAS drive that works on a G6/G7 server

I am suspecting the original set of drives that you have are not compatible with this server.

Use only the drives listed as option parts for the server/controller

ML350 G6 quickspecs :
P410 quickspecs :


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