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ML350 -PLS HELP ME ! ESXI 5.5 hangs - LINT1/NMI (motherboard nonmaskable interrupt), undiagnosed

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ML350 -PLS HELP ME ! ESXI 5.5 hangs - LINT1/NMI (motherboard nonmaskable interrupt), undiagnosed


Can someone help me and me to interpret this Coredump ?

I have attached the entire log and a printscreen of the message from the server console.


thank you,


[7m2013-11-07T00:01:41.210Z cpu0:35457)WARNING: NMI: 911: NMI received; attempting to diagnose... [0m

2013-11-07T00:01:41.210Z cpu0:35457)World: 8773: PRDA 0x418040000000 ss 0x4018 ds 0x4018 es 0x4018 fs 0x0 gs 0x0

2013-11-07T00:01:41.210Z cpu0:35457)World: 8775: TR 0x4000 GDT 0xfffffffffc013000 (0xffff) IDT 0xfffffffffc043000 (0xffff)

2013-11-07T00:01:41.210Z cpu0:35457)World: 8776: CR0 0x80050033 CR3 0x147204000 CR4 0x2660

2013-11-07T00:01:41.272Z cpu0:35457)Backtrace for current CPU #0, worldID=35457, ebp=0x4123aa05de98

2013-11-07T00:01:41.272Z cpu0:35457)0x4123aa05de98:[0x418002e8ccd9]PanicvPanicInt@vmkernel#nover+0x575 stack: 0x412300000008, 0x4123aa0

2013-11-07T00:01:41.272Z cpu0:35457)0x4123aa05def8:[0x418002e8cf1d]Panic_NoSave@vmkernel#nover+0x49 stack: 0x4123aa05df98, 0x418002e2e9

2013-11-07T00:01:41.272Z cpu0:35457)0x4123aa05df08:[0x418002e88528]NMICheckLint1Bottom@vmkernel#nover+0x50 stack: 0x4123aa327000, 0x0,

2013-11-07T00:01:41.272Z cpu0:35457)0x4123aa05df98:[0x418002e2e94f]BH_DrainAndDisableInterrupts@vmkernel#nover+0xf3 stack: 0x4180000000

2013-11-07T00:01:41.272Z cpu0:35457)0x4123aa05dfe8:[0x418002ecdc6a]VMMVMKCall_Call@vmkernel#nover+0x2c6 stack: 0x0, 0x0, 0x0, 0x0, 0x0

2013-11-07T00:01:41.272Z cpu0:35457)0x418002ecd484:[0xfffffffffc223baa]__vmk_symbol_NFSVolume_GetLocalPath@com.vmware.nfsmod#

2013-11-07T00:01:41.303Z cpu0:35457) [45m [33;1mVMware ESXi 5.5.0 [Releasebuild-1331820 x86_64] [0m

LINT1/NMI (motherboard nonmaskable interrupt), undiagnosed. This may be a hardware problem; please contact your hardware vendor.


Re: ML350 -PLS HELP ME ! ESXI 5.5 hangs - LINT1/NMI (motherboard nonmaskable interrupt), undiagnosed



Have you tried to perform Insight Diagnostics from the HP SmartStart CD?

This diagnostics will be able to test HP Hardware.


Thank You!
I am a HP employee.