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ML350 PSU Failures

ML350 PSU Failures

I've got 3 ML350s with redundant 1,000 watt PSUs. 2 of the machines were ordered in October, 1 in November of 2006. So far, I've had 1 failure in all three machines, spaced about 2 weeks apart. The problems started late Feb / Early March. Every 2 - 3 weeks, I'd have a failure in a machine. It's been about 5 weeks since the last failure, and bam, this week, another failure. This makes 2 failures for box #2, and 1 failure for boxes #1 and #3.

All servers are in a climate controlled room, all racked in HP racks. Prior to the HP units, we had glorified desktop PCs acting as servers for ~3 years - not a single PSU failure. Additionally, we have a Dell PowerEdge 2800 that has experienced no problems whatsoever. All equipment in the server room is connected to an APC UPS Matrix 5000 with extended run-time battery. Utilization on the UPS is around 48% - 51%.

Does anyone know of any issues with these PSUs? Any ideas on trouble shooting the problem? I'm at a total loss as I've never experienced 4 PSUs failures in a 2 - 3 month span.




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Louis Henninger
Frequent Advisor

Re: ML350 PSU Failures

There's always a possibility that HP has gotten a bad batch of Power Supplies from their supplier. You should check with your local HP Services rep or call HP directly.

To answer your question, I've not found any advisories (Customer) on this issue.
Your local HP rep could check for any Engineering advisories on this issue.

HP will sometimes post an advisory, alerting HP Services and Support that certain servers, whose serial numbers (range given) may have a problem with.......

Due to the very small quantity of servers (or server type) affected, HP does not issue a customer advisory. This type of notice would be a heads-up for support personnel.

It might help to track serial numbers of failing power supplies as well as server serial numbers a contact HP (I know, kinda late for the first 3 failures...).


Arian van der Pijl
Regular Advisor

Re: ML350 PSU Failures

I had 3 dead PSU's within the last year;
All G5 models.
There must be something going on.

Re: ML350 PSU Failures

Thanks for the feedback - That gives me a better feeling that I don't have gremlins in my server room.
Ger Voeten
Occasional Visitor

Re: ML350 PSU Failures

Same problem here...years later as i see now :)....after standing still for a few days the server indicates a PSU failure. Rebooting several times clears the problem. Until a power shutdown is issued, then the same thing happens again. The PSU burned out four times within 3 years. Definitely something wrong with these PSU's