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ML350 Proliant Shuts off when users authenticate to domain

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ML350 Proliant Shuts off when users authenticate to domain

Running Microsoft Server 2003R2   One Zeon processor, 4Gb ram, it is acting as the the DC / Exchange Server. It reboots but only when users log in to authenticate.  One User was having issues with quick books,  while i was logged in remotely helping user, server rebooted, didnt come back online until i ran and cleared aminteneance mode 


Onsite I turned on server, I had to reset battery, ram and turn switch 6 to on then off to clear maintenance mode.


If one person logs in,, no problem,, another user logs in ,, server may reboot,, but any more than 3, the server just reboots,, no bad event logs,, raid array is deemed healthy, server has been running since 300pm today Feb 17th and  no one has logged in.. Soon as more than 2 or 3 domain users log in,, it reboots.  I can connect via remote access logmein  etc,,



Marc   I am a brand new new hp partner,, never posted here before