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ML350 Recommended IP Installation Fails

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ML350 Recommended IP Installation Fails

Brand new ML350, (1) Xeon 2620v4, 64g memory, (2) HGST 2tb Raid 1 drives as boot drive, (4) HGST 4tb Raid 10 drives, all drives are LFF, LFF hot plug bay with drives occupying slots 1 - 6.

This is my first time with a HPE machine and I thought I followed all the initial setup procedures but there were entries for entering registration/licensing information that I do not have and assume I should have received that after purchasing the equipment.

After setting up the Raid arrangement and selecting the Recommended installation of Windows Server 2016 in Intelligent Provisioning, everything seems to be going as expected until the machine finishes installing the OS from the DVD.  It reboots and then blue screens right after the OS begins to load.  As a test, I did a 1 time boot and installed directly from the DVD and everything went off without a hitch.  The only problem with doing it this way is the myriad of drivers that do not get installed (couple page down keystrokes worth of drivers),  I would stay with this but I'm not sure if I will still get the same functionality I expect is there by going through the IP install.  Any recommendations?


Re: ML350 Recommended IP Installation Fails

Hello @Jon_AK.

Sorry for delay with reply.

Hope your server is working properly still.

Actually when you purchase new device you have 90 days of installation support, so it was good idea to open case to support to resolve it quickly.

So, I can confirm that Intelligent Provisioning just provides drivers and initial setup like ip addresses, names and activation keys. Nothing which can affect functionality or performance. So you can use OS installed manually.

So sad that you had to use manual installation and didn't take opportunity to see how IP should work properly.

I think you had one of compatibility bug between FW, IP and Windows release. I think FW and IP update could resolve issue.

Please, let me know if you have some more question regarding this post.

Thank you!


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