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ML350 SATA mainboard hotswap

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ML350 SATA mainboard hotswap

Our ML350G4p has the SATA hotswap controller. But there are additional SATA ports on the mainboard (Intel Chipset). Has anyone information if the mainboard SATA ports are hotswap capable? I mean hardware related - would it be possible? If the OS works would be another question.

Thanks for any support.
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Re: ML350 SATA mainboard hotswap

That's good question though.

QuickSpec is somewhat inconsistent here. In one place it says: Maximum Internal Storage
Hot Plug SATA 1.5TB
2 x 250GB with standard controller +
4 x 250GB with optional SATA array controller

In models section however the blue print says:
NOTE: The optional SATA RAID controller is required to support hot plug of SATA hard drives.

So I would say that on-board ports do NOT support hot plugging.

Don't panic! [THGTTG]