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ML350 SCSI disk transfer to new Server

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ML350 SCSI disk transfer to new Server

We want to retire our old ML350 G2 server. He contains two (new) 73GB SCSI hotswap disks as RAID 1 team.
Then we have a new ML350 G4 server with SCSI hotswap disks.
Will it be possible to move the RAID 1 pair from the G2 server to the G4 server without loosing the data? When I'm making a cold swap and configure the G4 SCSI controller to set up a RAID 1 team again, will Windows Server 2003 recognize the old data partition? It's a Windows 2000 Server dynamic partition.

Or are the SCSI controllers of G2 and G4 incompatible?

Thanks for any help.
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Re: ML350 SCSI disk transfer to new Server

Just try to install new controller driver BEFORE moving the drives.

You then should be absolutely fine, OS should boot, data visible, etc.

Don't panic! [THGTTG]

Re: ML350 SCSI disk transfer to new Server

i make a lot of disks change from ml350 G4 to G3 and G3 to G4, with Win2000 Server with no problems.
I just have to migrate the controller and the scsi disks, in my case the controller is 641 and the scsi disks in raid 0+1 is (5) 72.8Gb ultra 320 10k.

I change all this from one server to another, conroller and disks.