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ML350 Second Drive Cage OR External RAID

Adam Hawkes
Occasional Visitor

ML350 Second Drive Cage OR External RAID

I have some ML350's (first generation) running Exchange 5.5 that need more disk space at the lowest cost. Ideally I would just add one drive to the single RAID5 array. However all four hotpswap bays are full. In addition Media bays are full with CD, Floppy and DLT drives.

In your opinion (esteemable colleagues) from a performance/cost point of view should I

a) Purchase extra internal drive cage for media bays (spare part number 253761-001)and an external DLT drive. Then add the new disks to the RAID 5 array (Question: Does the second cage form part of the same SCSI Channel)


b) Purchase external RAID array and move the Databases from the RAID 5 disks to the external array. If so what are the performance and cost issues. For example:

1) Can I buy a small cheap array and use is as the system drive or how much is a large one?

2) Is the external SCSI connection the same speed as the internal one?

Any help greatly appreciated.
Martin Breidenbach
Honored Contributor

Re: ML350 Second Drive Cage OR External RAID

The 2nd drive cage needs its own SCSI channel.

Do you have a two channel RAID controller ? It may have internal and external connector but may still be single channel - which means you can use either internal or external but not both because of SCSI bus restrictions.

You can also convert the DLT drive from internal to external by buying just buying an external SCSI box. There is a rack kit that contains two such SCSI boxes; I don't know whether they sell them alone. Maybe as spare part ?