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ML350 Tower to Rack mount Question

kenny chia
Regular Advisor

ML350 Tower to Rack mount Question

I am converting a ML350 Tower to a rack configuration. The Tower to Rack Conversion Guide specifies that the Switch 3 (rack configuration switch) of the System Configuration Switch must be turned on.

Is it neccessary to turn on the switch? As this is a production Server, I do not wish to disturb any software inside.
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Tarek Kawach
Honored Contributor

Re: ML350 Tower to Rack mount Question

Hi Kenny:

This switch is for Cooling and thermal issues.

Upto you if you want to turn it on or off;
but if it is off; and server goes down or complains about thermal issues; then you have to make sure it is turned on.

HP Recommends it to be on if the server is in a RACK.

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