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ML350 and NT4

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ML350 and NT4

am installing the NT4 DOS in an ml350G3 server. I switched the server on and pushed F9, then I selected NT4 DOS and restarted with the CD SmartStart Release 6.40, once I put it, the PC asks me for Name, Company and Serial Number, then it asks me for the Administrator Password, then it asks me for the NT4 CD, it goes on loading, then it asks me to take all the CD´s out, and when the PC restarts the following message appears: IDE CD-ROM (ATAPI 1.2) /PCI IDE CONTROLER, ant then I can not go on with the installation. May I go to the C disc Prompt to mend the unettend.txt file ? If not please tell me how to solve this.
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David Graham_4
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Re: ML350 and NT4

You can setup the array and create a logical drive. Then boot off a floppy and format the drive etc....

Once you have done that you can boot your unattend and off you go. You will need the smartarray driver specified as OEM in the appropriate section depending on your controller.

Don't use the Smartstart assistance, it will attempt to do too much. Just use it to create your array and logical drive, it is not very flexible for what you are trying to do.