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ML350 and iLo

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ML350 and iLo

Hello community,


I just bought a used ML350 G5 server, and since this is the first HP I own I wanted to give some of iLo's licensed features a try (mainly remote console and virtual media). Problem is, the previous owner has already installed a trial license on this server sometime in the past, and now it says trial licenses are not accepted anymore.


Can HP issue a trial license that will work in this situation? I just need 2-3 weeks to evaluate these features before I decide if that's what I need.


Thank you...

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Re: ML350 and iLo

Press F8 during POST when you see the iLO Option ROM come up.
Once in there there should be an option to Factory Reset the iLO.
This will of course blow away any settings or user accounts you have tweaked in the iLO.

After the Factory reset is complete and you get back in, it should take the standard Eval key you can get from the website.

If you have Windows 2008 loaded on there by chance and used SmartStart or the PSP afterwards, you can also do this from inside the OS.
C:\Program Files\HP\HPONCCFG
From the CMD prompt run: hponcfg.exe /reset
If you run a hponcfg /w myilo.txt before hand, most of your network settings in the iLO will be dumped to the file.
Then after the factory reset (give it 90 seconds to reboot the iLO) you can run hponcfg /f myilo.txt to restore your old settings.

Please post back and let us know if that works.