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ML350 g4p Rack Very loud!

Nick Bowers

ML350 g4p Rack Very loud!

With my ML350 it has al of a sudden gone very loud. I can hear it though a brick wall while the TV is on.
It doesn't seem like the fans are going any faster than before.
It has a 3.2 GHz single XEON and a single 146 GB 15k SCSI.
Speed fan won’t detect the speeds of the fans but it shows that the CPU is 8°C and HDD is 30°C. This sounds quite good.
Does anyone know why it could have got louder when I never changed anything? Also does anyone know a program that will detect the speeds of the fans?
Respected Contributor

Re: ML350 g4p Rack Very loud!

It seems that The ML350G4p Server generally produce lot of heat & noise.

First of all,Please check the IML of the server to confirm there is no h/w failure.
Check whether the server is aligned properly in the RACK.
Check for any hindrance in the airflow & also look for any uninstalled blank.
Verify the input power of the server is healthy
Measure the temperature near the server

Then we need to install/update the PSP on the server, as it have some health agents which monior the system health & adjusts the speed of the fan

Even, If that dosn't help then confirm what exactly happens just before this issue started